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Our Mission

We Help Make Big Ideas Real

We do what we do best

so you can do what you do best.

About Our Name

Spyrian is an Old English word meaning to enquire after or into, to seek to know about, to investigate, examine. Technically it is pronounced /spyr.jan/ - but to make life easier for all we just say /speer-e-n/


It is a name we came up with back in 2000 (how was that 20 years ago?!) when we saw the dotcom bubble about to burst and were contemplating what to do (hint: always take the money). Since then it has been the namesake for the business that we would start “someday”, because once you have the entrepreneur bug you never really get away from it.


Well finally, that “someday” is now and Spyrian is real.


Who We Are

With over 25 years of experience in Accounting, Finance, and Business Management, Spyrian Business Solutions is well suited to partner with our clients to fully realize their vision.


Our passion is assisting others in making their passion or “big idea” real. It sounds corny we know. The reality is we are not “big idea” types, however, we are the type that can envision the Big Picture and Vision that you have, and immediately start developing plans and strategies to make it happen.

Our “why” is about having a sense of fulfillment and pride.  That what we do matters, which drives us to do more and be better. We are motivated by exploring ideas and possibilities, understanding the needs of others, and the constant pursuit of developing ourselves and our skills.

Our Philosophy & Values

We Believe In a World:

​Where everyone has the same opportunities available to them

In which nature and the natural world are always a stakeholder


Whose people always strive to do and be better


Where technology and innovation are used to enrich the lives of all


Built on honesty, integrity, and community

Ring of Light Bulbs

Our Vision

To Be The

Preferred Choice Of

People With Big Ideas

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