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CFO & Financial Services


Regardless of what agency it is, there is almost nothing more unsettling than getting that letter or call that you are about to be audited. Preparing for an audit is a time consuming, tedious task, and when you are already stretched on time and resources it can be the final straw. At Spyrian we know what it is like to face this seemingly daunting task and are prepared to help you through the process. Whether you just need some assistance getting things together, or want someone who can be there start to finish Spyrian is there for you.

Audit Prep

Financial Controls, Processes, & Procedures

Controls, processes, and procedures, are important throughout your organization, but nowhere more so than when it comes to your finances. Are you open to fraud or even theft? Are you secure that if someone did do something fraudulent that it would be found? Do you have checks & balances built into your regular tasks?

Controls not only protect the organization, but also your employees and volunteers. They ensure that everyone is doing the right thing, and that mistakes will be found.


Software Setup & Migration

Whether you are setting up a brand new application, or migrating to a new one, there are a lot of “i’s” to dot and “t’s” to cross. Spending time up front will save you down the road. We have all experienced that moment when you realize that something was not checked or setup correctly in the beginning and now someone has to go back and redo hours worth of work. Plus, while the new system is being setup, you still need to conduct business, and resources are a finite commodity. Why not let us lend a hand?

Computer Programming

RFP & Proposal Development

Proposals come in all shapes and sizes. No matter if it is a very formal Request for Proposal (RFP), a solicited or unsolicited proposal, a continuation, renewal, or supplemental proposal, we at Spyrian can help you navigate the various parts needed.

Accountant Records

Fixed Assets

Love them or hate them, Fixed Assets are incredibly important for an organization. They affect both the organization’s internal financials and taxes. It is incredibly easy to lose control over your Fixed Assets, especially if your Policies & Procedures are out of date. Maintaining a Fixed Asset schedule, keeping it updated, and ensuring that policies are consistent can be a time consuming task, especially if you do not yet have one established, or have let it lapse. Spyrian can assist you with these tasks and bring your Fixed Assets under control for easy maintenance going forward.

Office copying machine

Pursuing Funding

There are a multitude of funding options out there from Grants, to Loans, VC, or Angel. Regardless of what kind of funding you pursue, there will be documentation required. If you do not have a strong financial background (remember you are the big idea person) some of the requests may be difficult or confusing. We at Spyrian are happy to assist in pulling all the right pieces together so you can increase your funding.

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