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SWOT Analysis - Your Mega Pro/Con List Part 4: Threats

Threats, like Opportunities, look at what is going on in the environment you do business in. What could cause an issue for your customers?

Continuing the example from Opportunities where you sell oranges, although the crop will be abundant this year you know that there is a Regulation under review that would add a tax increasing shipping costs. There is also talk of this tax going into effect immediately instead of next year.

The biggest Threat currently for a majority of businesses, is obviously how the pandemic will continue to effect the economy.

In this exercise you are not coming up with solutions or plans, you are simply pinpointing the possible Threats that could cause concern for your customers.

You need to look at:

> Trends, events, projections, resources, etc.

> Are any of your competitors expected to announce any major updates?

> Are there any major changes expected? Laws? Regulations?

Threats is about identifying changes in the environment that could have negative consequences for your customers.

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