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Top 5 Attributes You Need To Look For In An Accountant

How do you evaluate one person against another? What’s important?

Well, the relationship between a business owner and an accountant is, quite frankly, an intimate one. You share things with your accountant you do not share with many people. This means that you need to look beyond just their skills and experience to the person themselves. The accountant you choose is not just another vendor you hire, they are a trusted partner that should be able to grow with you and your company.

You are hiring an expert to make your life easier, so while their background, as well as, their organizational skills, precision and proficiency are important you also need to consider:

1. Trust – do they have your best interest in mind?

2. Commitment – do you want to be a small fish in a big pond, or a large fish in a small pond?

3. Communication – can they adapt to your preferred method? Email, text, phone, etc.

4. Proactive Advice – do they only provide what happened, or can they offer insight for the future?

5. Value – Are you getting value for your time & money?

Remember, they are for you and you should enjoy working with them.

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