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We can't all be Unicorns

A while ago I had an “A-HA” moment when trying to dive deeper into my “passion” or “why”:

-> Unicorns are just a type of horse

While I love unicorns (just regular admiration, not like scary “my walls are covered in black light velvet posters”) they are just one of many different kinds of horses, and each has its own set of skills. You can use a Clydesdale in a horse race or a Thoroughbred to pull a wagon, but that is not the best use of their skills.

Similarly, not everyone is meant to have that one big cosmic epiphany, or world altering idea. Some of us need to be here to make those “big ideas” into a reality. Those standing center stage need the stage crew to bring their performance to life.

I am a behind the scenes type, I prefer to keep the engine running and humming along. Does that mean my contributions to the world are less? I do not believe so, I think they are just as important, if not more so at times.

I believe everyone has the capacity to change the world because small acts add up. What do you think?

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