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Small Businesses

While your business may be “small”, the daily tasks needed to keep everything running smoothly can seem really big sometimes. Plus, what would you rather be doing – working on the books or interacting with your customers?

As a small business your time and resources are stretched thinner than ever. You need assistance with your finances, but how can you afford to hire someone who can do everything you need? That is where we come in, we can be your Accounting Department from AR/AP to Tax Prep.


Spyrian can help ease the burden so you have more time for what you actually love doing. From full service plans where we handle all the financial details, to being there for month/quarter-end and year-end tax prep, we partner with you to give you the assistance you need.

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Plans & Pricing

​​We offer standard plans that meet the

needs and budgets of most small businesses.

Sometimes though, you need a plan

that is a little more customized.

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